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Our Story

"This is one of the greatest adhesive products invented since 3M began selling Post-It Notes."

LitPads was founded through groundbreaking research with field-proven professionals in the know. We are proud of the formula we have perfected, which achieves   durability, malleability, cutting-edge holding power, and high-tech versatility.

Here at LitPads, our vision is to share our creative   (and fun)  solutions to the world, which is designed for today's fast-paced innovation and technological growth. We are the latest breakthrough in changing the way you use, store, and stick everyday items.

LitPads is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before - the adhesive product of the future. It’s made from a secret formula of revolutionary nano-suction technology to achieve such remarkable functionality.  

There was no better toy in our childhood than those sticky hands found in those vending machines who ate quarters. Well now we have that toy in a modern adult form, packed with function!  These pads stick on nearly any surface, providing a unique function:   sticking anything anywhere.

If you’re anything like me, you have loads of devices but no great mounts. I end up holding my phone and tablet while I watch films and play games. Probably the most annoying scenario is using the GPS on my smartphone while I drive but having to pick it up each time to see the next turn.

I’ve found most mounts are intrusive, especially in cars, or they only really work in one position which leaves me with my head cranked to one side or another. That was until I found the solution: LitPads. It really can be used for anything and everything.


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